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Lao Folktales

Lao Folktales

Author: Wajuppa Tossa, with Kongdeuane Nettavong.
Edited by: Margaret Read MacDonald

Wajuppa Tossa and Kongdeuane Nettavong have collected Lao folktales from Laos and from Isaan, the Lao-cultural area of Northeastern Thailand. Editing and folklore notes by MacDonald.

Type Year Publisher Price Length   ISBN
Hardcover  2008  Libraries Unlimited  $40.00  224 pages  9781591583455 

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"Lao scholars and turned them into tales that can be used with children, teens, and adults who want to hear authentic stories and look into the culture‚Ķ.Worth using for comparative folktale lessons and where a Laotian population is in your school or community."  ...Teacher Librarian

"Enhanced with supplementary material such as a brief introduction into the Lao geography and history, as well as notes on tale sources and motifs, Lao Folktales is an undeniably worthy addition to public library, college library, and private folklore collections everywhere."  ...Midwest Book Review

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