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Three Minute Tales

Three Minute Tales

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald

77 short stories. Some as brief as 15 seconds! Great for sharing in those times when you need a quick story. These tales are gleaned from the world's folklore. Already they have proved their usefulness to tellers. They are a favorite of my storytelling students and are fun to use as easy teaching tales. Quite possible to expand some of the meatier tales into much longer stories too, if you desire.

Type Year Publisher Price Length   ISBN
Paperback  2005  Amu Shobo (Japanese)    207 pages  4-434-06114-3 
Hardcover  2004  August House (English Edition)  $24.95  128 pages  0-87483-728-6 
Paperback  2004  August House (English Edition)  $17.95  128 pages  0-87483-729-4 

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"Perfect for the last three minutes before the lunch bell rings."  ...Teaching Tolerance January 2005

"This book belongs on every storyteller’s shelf...ready to tell. An important book for any performer."  ...Dan Keding, Sing Out!

"...good for holding audience attention, adding interest to cultural and religious themes, conferences and in services, supplementing lessons for children or just as a fun break from routine tasks."  ...KLIATT

"Easy to tell, easy to teach to children and adults, and easy to remember."  ...Booklist

"How many niches can a little book fill? This one may set a record, offering lively stories suitable for beginning tellers, for teachers, museum docents, leaders of history or nature walks, public speakers, performance coaches, and – most important of all – for any teller who needs a little story to fill out the odd moment in a program or interview."

"A rich resource for teens' storytelling, in high school and with younger kids. "  ...Booklist 9/15/04

"A useful addition to professional and parenting collections. "  ...SLJ 10/1/04

"Easy-to-learn stories supplied with full measures of chuckles and grins, tears, chills, wisdom, and entertainment...with very careful notes on sources, tale types and variants."  ...Kirkus Reviews


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