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Late Night Conversation: Live Duets

Late Night Conversation: Live Duets
Live Music Recording

Author: Eric Schoenberg and Richard Scholtz

Conversations between Eric's guitar and Richard's autoharp or dulcimer as they explore and share these ancient tunes.

Contains: Wild Mountain Thyme/ Peacock Feathers/Auld Lang Syne/Bye Bye Blues/ Heart Like a Wheel/ Captain O'Kane/ Afofuni/ Ki Ti Nam/ Straw that Broke the Camel's Back/ In the Csitari/ Mountain Foothills/ Planxty Irwin. Richard is a collector of beautiful tunes and a master of milking the richest nuances of those melodies on the autoharp and dulcimer. Eric is probably best known for his great guitar arrangements and beautiful tone. They both share a love of melody and have an endless inventiveness and interest in how counterpoint and chords change the feel of a melody.

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Audio: CD  1997         

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