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Cockroach Party! Folktales To Sing, Dance, and Act Out

Cockroach Party! Folktales To Sing, Dance, and Act Out

Author: Storytelling by Margaret Read MacDonald. Music by Richard Scholtz

Voice and instrument story duets, some gentle, some rollicking. MacDonald tells, Scholtz plays autoharp and dulcimer. A much livelier selection than the bedtime tape, Tuck-Me-In Tales. Includes: "Grandfather Bear" (Eiven, Siberia); Pickin' Peas (Alabama); "Elk and Wren"(Makah); "Cockroach Party" (Louisiana); "Ms. Cricket Looks for a Husband" (Palestine Arab); "Ms. Cricket Gets Married" (Palestine Arab); "Teeny Weeny Bop" (Australia).

Live Music Recordings, 2901 26th St., Bellingham, WA 98225.

Type Year Publisher Price Length   ISBN
Audio: CD  2005  August House  $14.95  58 min  0-87483-769-3 
Audio: CD  1999  Live Music Recordings  $15.00  58 min  LMR71599 

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"Scholtz's autoharp and dulcimer play with MacDonald's words and help bring them to lifeThe music and rhythms are both playful and compelling."  ...School Library Journal

"CJ loved COCKROACH PARTY! Made me jealous because he never sits still for me!"  ....father, Charlie Williams, "Noise Guy"

"While MacDonald sprightly tells the stories adn invites audience participation, Scholtz strums refrains on an autoharp or mountain dulcimer. The musical accents are integral to the action and mood of the narrative. ..charmingly spontaneous rendition...A satisfying story collection for public and school libraries."  ...Booklist August 2000

"This collection of stories will be a blessing to anyone with children to entertain. ...The autoharp and mountain dulcimer add a simple but enjoyable background. This CD will make a great addition to any collection."  ...Tale Trader, Feb 2000

"Accompanied by enjoyable background music, these seven lively folktales from around the world encourage children to act, dance, and play along. Everyone can join in the fun with this great classroom resource."  ...Live Music Recordings

"The music of the dulcimer and the autoharp weaves through and around the tales. Then there is the music of MacDonald's voice. Once heard, it is unforgettable. She is an actress, a mimic and a wordperson with magic in her voice. ...Buy this one for your favorite library, your children or your grandchildren. "  ...Rambles, July 12, 2003

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