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Booksharing: 101 Programs To Use With Preschoolers

Booksharing: 101 Programs To Use With Preschoolers

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald
Illustrator: Julie Liana MacDonald

More programs from my Bothell Library experiences. See Bookplay for description. Both books strongly advise the involvement of the adult caregiver in these programs. This doubles the learning which takes place. The adult learns too!

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Type Year Publisher Price Length   ISBN
OP - Paperback  1988  Library Professional Publications  $29.95  256 pp  0-208-02314-3 

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"opens doors to a host of creative possibilities for teachers…can be adapted for children in the primary grades"  ... School Library Journal

"Readers will find her ideas will enrich their programming. Well planned, her programs offer high-quality materials and introduce themes not usually association with this age group. Most unusual is her use of science...made accessible and enjoyable through her use of well-known picture books supported by a variety of good materials. ...go beyond the traditional area of library work and enter the realm of nursery school teaching. "  ...Journal of Youth Services in Libraries, Barbara Barstow

"Three Stars. MacDonald presents a wealth of ideas...recommended for both librarians and early primary teachers."  ...Emergency Librarian, May-June 1992

"A valuable resource for preschool teachers."  ...Library Talk, May/June 1988

"This is the work of a creative, practical and experienced children's librarian. Children's librarians will use this as a constant source of practical ideas. "  ...CAYAS Newsletter, Washington Library Association, Fall, 1988 Bernard Polishuk

"Kindergarten teachers would find this useful for its many outdoor follow-up activities. "  ...Canadian Library Journal, April 1989

"In her lengthy introduction, MacDonald, a librarian and storyteller, states that in story time "We need to think books first." With this aim in mind she provides 101 complete, 45 minute programs to use with children ages 2 1/2-6. Often there are activities to follow up at home, as the author feels strongly that parents or other adults should be a part of story hours. "  ...Booklist, April 1, 1988

"A versatile and useful purchase."  ...Play, Learn, and Grow: An Annotated Guide to the Best Books and Materials for Very Young Children

"Chock full of great ideas right at your fingertips, this book will greatly enhance and pre-K or kindergarten day-school program. ...could also be useful in the classroom during literature and language activity time. ...Christian Schools International Library Materials Guide, May, 1989"  ...


Children’s Catalog, 17th Ed.

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