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The Parent's Guide To Storytelling

The Parent's Guide To Storytelling

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald

Easy introduction to storytelling for the parent, grandparent, or other novice. Several easy-to-learn stories, hints on telling. Also useful as a guide for children learning to tell stories.

Contains: “The Three Bears”; “The Little Red Hen”; “The Gingerbread Man”; “The Beehive”; “Foxie’s Hole”; “The Parrot With the Key to Rome”; “The Lost Mitten”; “The Squeaky Door”; “Ms. Mouse Needs a Friend”; “A Dark and Stormy Night”; “A Silly Question”; “The Bird Catcher”; “Cheese and Crackers”; “Strongest One of All”; “Let’s Go on a Bear Hunt”; “The Stork”; “The Dark, Dark House”; “The Coffin”; “The Big-Mouth Frog”; “Grandpa and the Blacksnake”; “The Rat in the Cream Jar”.

Type Year Publisher Price Length   ISBN
Hardcover  2001  August House  $21.95  128 pages  0-87483-619-0 
Paperback  2001  August House  $11.95  128 pages  0-87483-618-2 

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"encouraging, easy-to-follow advice."  ...NAPRA Review

"offers a wealth of tips and techniques suitable for use with children of all ages"  ...Midwest Book Review

"a short, sweet start-up book"  ...Family Fun

"Although the title indicates that this introduction to storytelling is for parents, it would be equally valuable for preschool teachers, camp counselors, new children's librarians, and anyone else preparing to spend time with children. Advice is simple and clear, reassuring the reader that all that is really necessary is the desire to share a story with a child or children and the willingness to work a little on such simple things as learning the order of events in the story."  ...Bay Views, Marian Drabkin

"Offers a wealth of tipes and techniques suitable for use with children of all ages..."  ...Midwest Book Review, July 2001

"Though written for parents, most of the tips and tales are also appropriate for teachers to use with their students. "  ...Creative Classroom, Nov/Dec 2001

"Dr, MacDonald's field experience and expertise is especially apparent in her retellings of stories for the very young, not only in the language she chooses, but also in the helpful hints that accompany them. "  ...In the Wind, Naomi Baltuck


Storytelling World Honor
(HarperCollins edition, 1996, op)   

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