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Shake-It-Up Tales: Stories To Sing, Dance, Drum and Act Out

Shake-It-Up Tales: Stories To Sing, Dance, Drum and Act Out

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald

The title says it all. Lively stories with lots of participation possibilities.

Includes: "Terrible Nung Guama" (China); "Miera Miera Meow!" (France); "Bâtis! Bâtis!" (France); "Telesik" (Ukraine); "Conejito" (Panama); "Pickin’ Peas" (Alabama); "Fari Mbam" (Wolof); "Big Man Drum" (China); "Girl Who Wore Too Much" (Pu-Thai); "Buchettino" (Italy); "Rich Man Seeks a Daughter-in-law" (Thailand); "Hare Who Married a Princess" (Fon, Benin); "Little Old Woman Who Hated Housework" (Scotland); "What a Wonderful Life" (Jewish); "Elephants and the Bees" (Thailand); "Little Boy Frog and Little Boy Snake" (Ekoi); "Pán Kotsky" (Ukraine); "Nanny Goat and Her Two Little Kids" (France); "Baby Rattlesnake" (Pawnee); "Tom Thumb's Wedding" (Italy).

Type Year Publisher Price Length   ISBN
Hardcover  2000  August House  $24.95  192 pages  0-87483-590-9 
Paperback  2000  August House  $14.95  192 pages  0-87483-570-4 

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"A caffeine-free energizer” “MacDonald’s books are all instant storytelling classics, and this is one of the best."  ...Story Bag

"Learning to tell the stories in this resource will help young adults, librarians, teachers, or parents and grandparents awaken or reinforce a love of folkstories and storytelling"  ...VOYA

"An essential tool for librarians looking for participation tales from different cultures…a great resource"  ...School Library Journal

"Margaret Read MacDonald’s latest just quivers with energy. I can’t wait for the new school year to start so I can try out all these new stories. Highly recommended!"  ...Reviewer

"..offers information on playing with stories, using chants, songs, motions and sound effects, as well as stories which encompass a more dramatic flair using multiple tellers and audience participation...and added benefit of this collection is the introduction of little known folktales from around the world."  ...Children's Folklore Review, v. 26, 2003-2004 , Gail de Vos and Merle Harris

"MacDonald has done most of the work for you; all that remains is for you to pick up the book, choose a tale and start telling."  ...Rambles, June 12, 2004 Donna Scanlon

"The stories in this book incorporate MacDonald's familiar techniques from teaching a simple refrain the audience can chant, to picking characters from the audience or class to play the parts. ...MacDonald's books are always peppered with ideas the creative storyteller can custom design."  ...Tale Trader, Jan 2002 Linda Spitzer

"While this practical title is an excellent resource for beginners, the annotated bibliographies, suggestions for additional stories, tips for telling, and detailed source notes make it a valuable tool for the more experienced tellers as well."  ...The Bulletin for the Center for Children's Books, Sept, 2000

"AN essential tool for librarians looking for participation tales from different cultures...a great resource."  ...School Librar Journal, October 2000


Youth Storytelling Pegasus Award

Pennsylvania School Librarians Association Not-Ready-For Newberry

Reference Storytelling World Award

Children's Catalog 19th ed.

Children's Core Collection, 2014, 21st ed.

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