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Look Back And See: Twenty Lively Tales For Gentle Tellers

Look Back And See: Twenty Lively Tales For Gentle Tellers

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald

One of my storytelling classes drove me nuts by saying that they could not tell any of the stories I suggested because they were either too violent or too amoral. I created this book for that class. I suppose you can find a tad of amorality and violence even in some of these. They are folktales after all. But mostly I find these gentle, pleasing tales to tell. With a good bit of high fun thrown in, and several sing-along slots.

Contains: “The Snow Bunting’s Lullaby” (Siberia); “Look Back and See” (Tanzania); “Kanji-Jo, the Nestlings” (Mende); “Domingo Siete” (Argentina); “Turkey Girl” (Zuñi); “Little Cricket’s Marriage” (Palestinian Arab); “Please All, Please None” (Aesop); “Why Koala Has No Tail” (Australia); “Katchi Katchi Blue Jay” (Nisqually); “Strawberries of the Little Men” (England); “Elk and Wren” (Makah); “Bear Child” (Baffin Island); “Two Women Hunt for Ground Squirrels” (Tanaina Athabaskan); “Quail Song” (Cahuilla); “Grandfather Bear is Hungry” (Eiven, Siberia); “Tiny Mouse Goes Traveliing” (Khanti); “Singing Turtle” (Japanese); “Teeny Weeny Bop” (Australia); “Penny and a Half” (Chile)

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Hardcover  1991  H. W. Wilson Company  $55.00  178 pp  0-8242-0810-2 

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"Look Back and See"
See author tell title story.

"Bear Child" See MRM tell "Bear Child"

Grandfather Bear is Hungry SEE MRM TELL "Grandfather Bear is Hungry"


"The stories are so full of possibilities and life that the enthusiastic reader need only take the author’s cheery advice to ‘have fun playing with them’ as she so obviously has"  ...Journal of Youth Services in Libraries

"Deserves a spot on the shelf beside Pellowski, Schimmel, Tashjian, and certainly MacDonald’s other books."  ...School Library Journal

"Storytellers--experienced and new--will find this book a useful resource. ...Most of the stories carry a message, but the author's playful approach keeps them from becoming didactic. "  ...Yarnspinner, Ellin Greene

"This is a great book for storytellers. All of Margaret Read Macdonald's books are. Get you hands on them if you can! "  ...Shceherazade, Storytelling Guide of AUstralia, December 1991, Sue Robin

"We can almost hear MacDonald in action with her audience. It takes only a little imagination to feel how joyfully children will participate in these tellings."  ...Territorial Tattler, Fall 1991


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