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Traditional Storytelling Today

Traditional Storytelling Today

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald

Over 100 essays from folklore scholars around the world discuss the uses of storytelling in contemporary societies.

Type Year Publisher Price Length   ISBN
Hardcover  1999  Fitzroy-Dearborn  $95.00  627   

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"Once the reader has completed this journey of story and storytelling in the contemporary world, it is not difficult to agree with MacDonald that although traditional storytelling may not exist in the same guise as in the past, it is alive and, if not completely well, then recuperating in a promising manner. "  ...Journal of American Folklore, 111 (2001) Gail de Vos

"The piquant, engaging, cross-cultural "stories" in this excellent sourcebook/bibliography will expand instruction and learning in literature, anthropology, oral history, geography, sociology, music, dance, art, and drama. "  ...Choice, Jan 2000

"A wide ranging, probing, and expressive work that defines the resonance of world cultures. ...An important survey should be in most larger libraries. "  ...Library Journal, Oct 15, 1999

"Some 100 essays mostly describe storytelling in the regions of the world, but a few also consider theory."  ...Reference & Research Book News, Nov. 1, 1999

"It is not easy to take in the breadth of scholarship involved in compiling a work of this kind...The essays are enlightening,convincing, and immensely readable."  ...Reference Reviews, 1999

"Its analytical approach to the storytelling genre, its international perspective, and its attention to diverse cultures makes this an essential reference work. "  ...Reference and Users Services Quarterly, 1999