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Bye Bye BIG!

Bye Bye BIG!

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald and Gerald Fierst.
Illustrator: KItty Harvill

A big big frog and a little little mosquito! Who eats who? In this chanting sequence of big to little you find out!

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Hardcover  2017  Plum Street Publishers    32p   

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"Bye Bye Big! Margaret Read MacDonald and Gerald Fierst, illus. by Kitty Harvill. Plum Street, $16.99 (32p) ISBN 978-1-945268-03-8 Staccato text and striking cut-paper-and-paint spreads create and sustain dialed-up energy throughout this story of predators turned prey. “There was a big big frog!” it begins, the words splashed across the page in block letters. “And a little little mosquito.” On the left, the frog glances sidelong at the purple insect to the right. The frog’s long tongue extends toward the mosquito after a page turn: “Big! Little. Big! Little. Bye Bye Mosquito!” A lemon-yellow snake eats the frog (which is now “little little” by comparison), a blue crane eats the snake, and so on; they’re all dispatched with the same cheerful “bye bye!” The animals grow larger and larger; the final predator, a human male, snares a tiger in a net but meets his match in a tiny mosquito. All of the other creatures are miraculously released in the tumult as well. Even the youngest readers will take the point that power doesn’t always correlate to size. The words lend themselves to memorization, and Harvill’s saturated colors, textured paper, and bold forms have stop-sign impact. A promising candidate for raucous readalouds. Ages 3–6. (Nov.) Reviewed on 09/22/2017 | "  ...Publisher's Weekly, 9/22/2017

"Little ones explore the food chain and make size comparisons in this tongue-in-cheek book.Graphically bold, textured cut-paper illustrations in highly saturated colors are a big draw here. The book opens with a giant green frog on the verso, its eyes swiveled to peer at the little purple mosquito on the edge of the recto: "There was a BIG BIG FROG! And a little little mosquito." The typeface plays a big part in the tale: "BIG! Little. / BIG! Little" is the only text on the following double-page spread. And another page turn reveals "Bye Bye Mosquito!" Wings stick out of the frog's mouth, a tone-on-tone outline of the mosquito on its belly. But then, what's this? All of a sudden the frog is the little animal, a snake the big one. The process repeats through a bird, a tiger, and to a man, who throws a net over the tiger. But then the littlest animal returns to show how mighty it is, and the final illustration shows all the animals tumbling forth as in "The Little Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly." Harvill's pictures are never grotesque or gory, so this is a rather gentle introduction to the way of the wild, though the animals' eyes can sometimes look manic, and the cover is a bit hard to parse visually. The element of surprise and lots of opportunities for listeners to chime in will make this a great one for read-alouds. (Picture book. 3-6) "  ...Kirkus. Sept. 15, 2017

"It all begins with a great big frog and a tiny wee mosquito, but Bye Bye Big!, from Margaret Read MacDonald and Gerald Fierst, soon explodes in colors, sights, and sounds as a few simple words form an increasingly sizable circular story. With a rhythmic refrain perfect for sharing or chanting aloud, illustrator Kitty Harvill’s mixed-media collages practically jump off the pages as snakes, tigers, and more discover the surprising truth about being big."  ...Foreword Review No/Dex 2017

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