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Storyteller's Sampler

Storyteller's Sampler

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald

Especially tellable tales... selected from the Libraries Unlimited World Folklore series. Two tales each from Armenia, Australia, Brazil, Croatia, Cuba, Finland, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Hmong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Kurdish, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Siberia, South America, Thailand, Ukraine. Activities to accompany the tales are included.

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Hardcover  2015        978-1-4408-3527-8 

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"An excellent resource for storytellers interested in developing or adding to a repertoire of world folktales. This book is a true sampler, with entries arranged alphabetically by country or region and only one or two selections from each location. ...Stories are brief, mostly two to three pages long, making them a good length for memorization and for sharing with a group. Each is accompanied by suggested activities and a list of similar stories and a reference to motif and type numbers. A brief biography of each storyteller is also included. VERDICT Those with an interest in tales from around the world would do well to consider this well-organized compendium from a renowned expert in the field. Misti Tidman"  ...School Library Journal


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